10.0 The Chair may limit the time taken by a delegation to (10) minutes. The delegation must appoint a spokesperson.

10.1 To allow members of council to prepare for delegations, all presenters shall register with the CAO at least (120) hours (5 days) before the council meeting and advise the CAO of the topic and scope of the presentation.

10.2 Persons wishing to appear as a delegation in regards to an item placed on the agenda provided to the public 4 days prior to the scheduled meeting, shall register with the CAO a minimum of two (2) hours before the council meeting and advise the CAO of the topic of the presentation. In any case, registration of a delegation must occur prior to the commencement of a council meeting.

10.3 There shall not be a limit to the number of delegations included on the agenda of a council meeting, but the CAO is granted authority to schedule delegations as deemed appropriate.

10.4 The public shall not participate in discussion at a council meeting, unless by unanimous consensus of the members present, or if necessary a majority vote of council, the public is asked for their participation.