Age Friendly Initiative


The Age Friendly Initiative of Harrison Park came into being in 2015 with the amalgamation of the municipalities of Harrison and of Park, building on the Age Friendly Initiative of the former Municipality of Harrison.  The current Age Friendly Initiative Committee consists of 9 community members representing the communities of Newdale, Sandy Lake and Onanole, as well as a council representative from the Municipality of Harrison Park.

Communities across Canada and globally have developed action plans to become more age-friendly, recognizing that every effort benefits citizens of all ages.  Age-Friendly Communities support people to age safely, maintain good health and continue to participate fully in their community. According to Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living Population Report of June 1, 2020, 54% of the total number of residents of our community in Harrison Park are over the age of 55, 45% are over the age of 60 and 33% are over the age of 65 - a very good incentive for becoming age friendly.  

Age-Friendly action plans focus on eight main domains (transportation, outdoor spaces and buildings, housing, respect and social inclusion, social participation, communication and information, civic participation and employment opportunities and community support and health service).  They cover the essential features of the community’s structure and physical environment, as well as the extent to which its services, programs and policies support active aging. 

Similar to "lobbyists” the Age Friendly Initiative (AFI) Committee of Harrison Park hopes to be a catalyst of constructive ideas – a means to move creative thoughts from a possibility – to feasibility – to reality.  It is important to note that the key word is "initiative”.  The AFI Committee does not physically go out and do all the things on the AFI Action Plan for Harrison Park.  We initiate what is needed to make them happen through reaching out to those groups, individuals, businesses or governing bodies that can make them happen   The committee’s role is to co-ordinate and support in whatever way we can to reach achievable goals in order keep our residents happy, healthy and longer in our community.


Doreen Stapleton - Sandy Lake
Connie Creasy – Sandy Lake
Carol Dalgarno – Newdale
Lynne Tolton – Newdale
Cheryl Penny – Onanole
Lorna Minty – Onanole
Candy Irwin - Onanole
Ian Drul – Municipality of Harrison Park council representative